Chairman Message

        My idea of opening such a school in this beautiful township of Bagha Purana was met with a view to impart proper education and instilling moral values in the kids to get education with a proper foundation, keeping in mind what the child is going to become. Our mission is to develop the young flowers so that they can blossom into their full glow in the years to come. With our guidance and your support their dreams will soon become reality What happens in our Class rooms today will happen in larger societies tomorrow. Our focus is to change from simply preparing children for exams and to Help them learn skills they will utilize in their careers. Last of all I must communicate my heart felt thanks for the love and affection shown by our encouraging parents and i will continue to seek your suggestion that we deeply value.

Sh. Nar Singh Brar


Spring Field Convent School, Opp. Civil Hospital Mudki Road, Bagha Purana has been conceived and founded in 2004 by a team of dedicated social workers, visionaries, distinguished members and luminaries of society,called from the various walks of Life. The infrastructure has been suitably planned to accommodate learning and all round development of the children with a mission to provide a caring,nurturing and safe environment for the development of knowledge, skills and character to develop successful and responsible citizens of India The education methods are also innovative at Spring Field Convent School. Besides having a progressive curriculum, there are labs for maths, science, sst, languages and computers.

Dayal Singh Brar