Principal Message

        Education is not the tilling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. We promise to kindle that fire, awaken that spirit of inquisitiveness & creativity in the young minds to make them a valuable asset for their parents, pride for their school & promising citizen of lndia.

         lt is possible only when the children`s imagination is encouraged. Instead of grooming parrots and small calculating machines out of young pupils, we, make an attempt to chisel their imagination and ability and to ignite their hidden and dormant talent to a stage where they become creative, inventive and original in their approach.

       Besides let us not ignore to inculcate love, pride and respect for our ancient cultural heritage in our youth. Degradation in moral values at present can only be checked by bringing the young generation closer to our rich and glorious culture and faith in our brave traditions and above all by impressing upon the young minds that future India looks at them with hope and optimism.